Welcome to Scam Likely! A podcast about Scams, Shams and Flim Flams. Here you’ll learn about various ways to make money, get free stuff, and how to avoid scams.

Scam Likely Episode 001: Introductions and Schemes!

In today’s episode we talk about making money from the Barclay travel community, naming our podcast and making money from selling credit.  This is going to be the worst episode as far as quality goes, because we only record things once and we learn as we go. The quality is poor but the content is rich.

Making Money From Barclays Travel Site

As discussed, you can make money from the Barclays travel site for using their community and leaving reviews. If you max out the available options to your account, you can make $400/month on your own. It is a lot of time consuming work though but would pay off big if other accounts like your content.

Barclays will shut you down for obvious abuse.

Naming Our Podcast and

We knew what we wanted to talk about but we didn’t know what to title it. After recording we went with the name “Scam Likely” because we deal with a lot of things that are in the realm of scams. Scamming our way into comfortable lives and avoiding scams to preserve our comfortable lives, while helping you at the same time!

Selling Credit

We only touched on this lightly, but you can sell your credit line (in a sense). Basically, there are services where you can make money from adding strangers as authorized users to your high limit accounts. They won’t have access to your credit line so that part is safe.

You’re helping someone build up their credit via “piggybacking” while getting paid to do it. Banks actually frown upon this and will close your account if you’re caught.

To participate, you need a credit line that is 5+ years old with an available limit of $20k+ or more. It’s a very difficult game to play, but is easy side income! More details on that in the future.

The Future!

Join us next week when we discuss how to get free stuff from Amazon! Yes, it’s a completely legal process! You’ll have to listen if you want to find out how.  This is available to every country that Amazon does business with.

Future episodes will cover:

  • How to get out of debt
  • Improve your credit
  • Free money from banks
  • Free first class flights
  • Social Engineering
  • Completely Legal Scams like publishing new history and math books for college students
  • How most things in life are a scam and what we can do to change that

Next week’s episode: Scamazon Prime!

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