Today we talk about:

  • Online Course Scams: Dan is learning about starting a business on Amazon and there’s a lot of free information. You could pay $1000+ for a course but I wouldn’t. I really like Jungle Scout’s Walkthrough:
  • Eric tries to paints his car
  • Eric talks about his experience at a Tony Robbins event
  • Dan explains classic manipulation tactics! Don’t get manipulated!
  • Eric has issues with his landlord
  • Eric talks about his security system / Dan says it’s a scam
  • Dan talks about his Amazon business
  • Dan avoids getting manipulated by course scammers
  • Dan talks about overpriced products at E3 because people try to rip you off
  • We come up with an idea for a sword business! Become a samurai blackbelt champion!


Amazon Swords:


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