How to get free items on Amazon and video games about Italian plumbers

This episode goes into the full details of how the whole process works when creating exchanging reviews on Amazon to get free items, where to find the items, how to review them and scams to watch out for. You can even make money from this process with the Amazon credit card so you can get 5% back on each purchase


The podcast we referenced wasn’t Planet Money, it should have been Reply All.  You can find their podcast on Scamazon here: 

Movie/Game References!

Super Mario Bros. Live Action Movie:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Live Action Movie:

FYI, the Amazon links are my referral links. If you click them, it will add a 24-hour cookie to your browser and I’ll get a commission for any purchases you make in that time. That’s how all Amazon links work that you see online (outside of Amazon).

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