On Episode 009:

-Eric teaches his son to read
-The Epic Lion King Death
-The Supreme Scam
-Scamazon Prime II: Cancel Scamming
-The 3 sites that will give you free Amazon stuff!
-Eric gets ripped off while parking
-How We Sneak Alcohol into places
-Eric goes to a haunted cabana
-Anonymous Alcoholics: Our drinking club with masks.
-I hate tipping for beer at bars. ESPECIALLY if it’s bottled or canned beer.
-The Cheese Bread incident
-How To Sell Your Home Without A Real Estate Agent
-401K – The “K” is for Krypto

Scam Of The Day:

Make Money At Home!

Easy money! If you live in the U.S. you might see job openings that say you can make a lot of money working from home. That should be your first red flag. There are many jobs that allow you to make money from home, but if you are making a lot of money for something anyone can do, it’s 100% going to be a scam.

The common work at home scam goes like this. A fake company will say you can make 3k-5k per month from home. The required job is that you will receiving packages at home, “inspecting” them, then forwarding the packages to another address.

Sound too easy, right? If you thought so then you are a street smart person.  This is how the scam works. The packages being delivered to your house are items bought online from stolen credit cards. You are the middle person that forwards to packages to another address or even country. When people discover that unauthorized purchases have been made, the police come knocking. You’re then on the hook for all these missing.

The scammers may also pay you with fake checks that will steal the money from your bank account. Be careful!

Free Stuff From Amazon!

These three sites will give you free stuff from Amazon! I know it sounds scammy but it’s legit. These are sites that help sellers on Amazon gain selling velocity. When a new seller comes to Amazon, they start off in last place on the search results. If they can sell products (even if it’s heavily discounted) it adds to their item ranking which allows them to show up closer to page 1.



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