Professor Scam takes us on a journey into the world of secret shopping! Find out how much he makes, how much work is involved and where you can go to find out more.

Eric talks about making money doing research studies.

Eric talks about his experience with getting a home security system. Dan comes up with odd solutions.

Dan talks about his experience as someone tried to break into his apartment a few years ago.

Secret Shopping Sites:

Coyle Hospitality focuses on hotel and restaurant secret shopping. I only try to go for the hotels but haven’t been approved yet. Hotels seem to be more competitive since there’s more people who want the free hotel and higher pay (typically $75). There’s still lots of opportunities for getting paid reviews with restaurants.

iSecretShop focuses on various businesses. This is more in line with secret shopping at stores and price audits.

Show References!

Planet Money episode that regulated banker CEO pay:

Stun Baton:

Stun Knuckles:

Home Alone Film (the original…the good one!):

FYI, the Amazon links are my referral links. If you click them, it will add a 24-hour cookie to your browser and I’ll get a commission for any purchases you make in that time. That’s how all Amazon links work that you see online (outside of Amazon).

FYI FYI, Scam Likely Podcast is not responsible with what you do with any home defense systems, financial issues or health mistakes. The world is tough. Everything is at your own risk.

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