A comprehensive guide on using Facebook groups to get free Amazon items. You’ll learn how the process works and how stay safe. Scammers are everywhere so be careful!

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon

This method is available to all countries that Amazon is available in. This includes the United States, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Australia and Japan. There’s more, but these are the ones I see the most advertising for.

0) Prerequisites:

You should have an Amazon, PayPal and a Facebook account. The Amazon and PayPal accounts should have some age to it. Sellers are apprehensive about doing business with new accounts. In any person’s situation, new accounts have the highest risk of being scammed.

1) Finding The Facebook Groups

Log in to Facebook and search for “Amazon Reviews”. You can also specify by country, such as “Amazon Reviews Australia” or “Amazon Reviews U.S.” Join these groups and you’ll see a large listing of various posts with pictures of items that sellers want reviewed. If you see something you like, you message the seller that you’re interested.

2) The Transaction

The seller will ask to see your Amazon profile. You can provide them a link to your Amazon profile or a screenshot of it. The seller just want to see that you have an Amazon account with some history on it and that you have left reviews in the past. Sellers do not like working with new Amazon accounts because it’s risky for them.

If the seller is interested in working with you, then you’ll come to a clear agreement. Typically, they’ll state that you will get a refund after reviewing their product. If you both agree, then the seller tells you how to find the product.

Bonus: Some sellers offer a commission on reviewing their products. This can be a bonus anywhere from $2-$20. In return, they’ll want a detailed review with pictures and sometimes video.

The seller will ask for your PayPal payment address and you should ask for their email address too incase Facebook shuts their account or in the event that they have issues logging in to Facebook. Remember, Facebook is banned in China so they could incur connection issues.

FYI: There are also groups/posts that will just give you the item with no review. Typically they’ll just give you a big discount code for the product.

3) Finding The Product

The seller wants you to be able to find the product organically (like a regular person purchasing something on Amazon). They’ll provide you with a few keywords of the product and a screenshot. If the item is on page 15, don’t go directly to page 15!

To find the product organically, you’ll have to go page by page while browsing similar items along the way. You’ll need to take your time otherwise if there’s a lot of people jumping directly to their product without looking at other items, Amazon is going to flag that item for suspicious activity.

When you find the product, the seller might want to confirm the product first to make sure it’s the item they are selling. You can confirm it by sending them a screenshot of the product before making the purchase.

4) Make Money From Every Transaction

When you make the purchase, be sure to use a cashback card. I use the Chase Amazon card and get 5% back on every Amazon purchase. So for every $100 I spend, I get $5 back.  This is a win-win-win situation. You get a free item, you get some money back and you help a small business.

After making the purchase, send the order number back to the seller so they can confirm again that you made the correct purchase. After that, you’ll have to wait for the item and review it a few days after.

5) Leaving An Amazon Review

DO NOT leave a review immediately after getting a product. That’s suspicious. The recommended amount of time is 3-5 days after receiving the product to leave a review. Stay organized and create calendar notices for yourself!

Be sure to leave a detailed review like you actually used the product.

6) Getting Paid

After leaving the review, contact the seller and provide them a screenshot of the review you left. Also provide them your PayPal address so they can be sure where to send the money.

Be Patient! Most of them are Chinese sellers or working as a representative for Chinese sellers. They’ll be engaging/interacting with you during their normal business hours. When considering normal business hours in China, that includes having the weekend off. I’ve contacted someone on a Friday and didn’t hear back from them until Sunday night (since it was their weekend in China). Just stay patient and considerate.

When they say they’ll send a refund later that day, they’re probably just a representative and waiting for the person who runs the PayPal account to send the payment. Often, the refunded amount isn’t exactly the same amount you paid. Typically a few cents to a few dollars depending on the price because of PayPal fees. Some sellers say they’ll include the PayPal fees and some won’t. If this is an issue, make sure you know before agreeing to a transaction.

That’s how you can get free Amazon items in 6 easy steps. Please continue reading for your own benefit!

Avoid Getting Scammed

Know who you’re dealing with: If you are engaging with a Facebook account that’s less than 6 months old, I’d be very cautious and avoid doing business with them. Make sure they have some pictures, friends and/or post history.

Don’t click on any links: Real Amazon sellers want you to find their item organically. They’ll tell you what to search for and to browse similar products on the way. Don’t trust any links someone in these groups sends you. I’ve seen people say they’ve gotten viruses/malware from these links.

In other cases, I’ve seen people put their Amazon referral code in just so they make a profit. This works by updating the Amazon cookie on your computer with their referral code. Any purchases made 24 hours after the link was clicked will count as a referral bonus to them.

The Negative Review Scam: Don’t agree to buy any products that appear on the first of your Amazon search results. That should be a big red flag because most of those products already have a lot of good reviews and are highly rated. The Negative Review scam works by someone offering you a popular product, then promising to pay after you leave a review (like any other deal), but then blocks your account after you make the purchase. This will leave you angry and you’ll want to leave a bad review for the item, but don’t leave a review!

The person you’re dealing with doesn’t actually represent the product. They scammed you into thinking they were. It doesn’t make sense to piss off a customer unless you want a bad review. They do this to motivate you to leave a bad review for the product. Because if the reviews for product get lowered, other items move up in the Amazon page rankings. It’s a pretty messed up scam that hurts businesses that have worked hard to get to that top spot.

Be careful and think things though!

Everything else is a scam in the “Amazon Review” Facebook Groups:

  1. The Make Money Quick Scam: They’ll say their doing secret shopping for PayPal or some other big company. They’ll post a few pictures of PayPal headquarters to get your attention and make it look legitimate. Then they’ll say, just respond to this post with your country.
    • They’ll PM you a suspicious link. Don’t click it.
    • OR, they’ll tell you how easy it is to make money with this process. Just download this app, sign up and send them $5. Then they’ll send you $20 back to your bank account. Of course they just want your bank info and any other personal info they can get. Don’t bother.
  2. The Make Money Advertising On Your Car with Car Wraps Scam: They’ll tell you you can make $300+/week by just advertising on your car. The company will send you a big check, more than what was promised. They’ll say keep some of it as your share, but then wire the rest of the money to them. After a few weeks, the check they gave you bounces. The money you wired comes out of your bank account and you’re scammed. This warning even comes from a reputable car wrap company.

Avoid Getting “Wiped”

Getting wiped means that Amazon restricts your account from leaving any reviews. Amazon will also remove all previous reviews you have made in the past.  If you’ve worked with sellers on reviewing their product, this will leave them very unhappy.

The best way to avoid getting wiped is to be very selective of the products you review. Try to be honest as much as possible. Leaving all 5-star reviews on your account is definitely suspicious. Personally, I leave 4-star reviews for the products that aren’t involved in my “Scamazon” schemes.

I had one instance where I couldn’t leave a review for an item because the seller’s item got flagged for “suspicious activity” by Amazon. At this point, I wasn’t going to get paid for the review. I could have returned the item, but I don’t want Amazon to look into my account that my only recent return was on an item with suspicious activity. The seller offered me a refund if I left a review for the seller (not the item). I politely passed on that because I didn’t want any more activity with a flagged seller. Plus, it’s very uncommon for me to leave feedback for sellers so I wasn’t going to start now.

Stay Organized!

Create a Google spreadsheet with all your transactions, seller names, seller emails, purchase amount, date ordered, order numbers and item links, date received and dates you should leave the review.  This ensures you don’t mix anything up and you’re getting all your money back. The seller will not go out of their way to remember if you got paid or not.

Background On The Sellers

You’ll notice that most of these sellers are Chinese. I’ve seen in some groups people using that as an excuse to rip them off or be racist. Some people go HEAVY on the racism. It’s disgusting. That’s messed up! Most things are made in China and you’re getting something for free. Don’t rip the sellers off by leaving a review, getting a refund through PayPal from them, then again getting a refund from Amazon by sending back the product. They take a complete loss on it.

Think about it from their situation. They are a small business trying to make money. They’re not Amazon. Don’t rip them off or leave bad reviews. See the Avoid Getting Scammed section above again if it didn’t sink in.

To understand how their business works, I’m pretty sure most of them are doing dropshipping from Aliexpress to a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) facility. Pretty much they buy things in bulk from a wholesaler (Aliexpress, which is the Amazon of China) and then send those products to Amazon for them to store and fulfill orders.  They put their money down to buy inventory and then resell it for a profit on Amazon. For reference, everyone does this. Not just Chinese people.

When doing transactions, get the seller’s email address. Facebook is banned in China so they have to use a VPN to access it. If something happens to their VPN, then it would be difficult for them to log on.

Personal Results

There’s nothing else I need at the moment from the Amazon groups. I got a few things I didn’t need as a test to try out how legit the process is and I got pretty good results. Out of 12 items, I got 11 refunds and made a net profit of $4.85 along with a bunch of free stuff. That’s with taking a loss on an item for -$10.99. I would have got the money back, but the item was flagged as suspicious.

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